1-on-1 Life Coaching Session with Alexis!


Gaining Clarity

  • You will get clear on who you are, the life you dream to create, and your purpose!

  • Together we will keep you on track and you will learn to set healthy boundaries.


  • Learning to overcome your obstacles or seeming problems.

  • Releasing the past and coming into the present moment. Who are you wanting to become, RIGHT NOW?

  • Speaking openly about how you truly feel.

  • Reframing your “negative” circumstances and transforming them into positives.


  • Learning to use the resources you have NOW to yield success and up-level your life!

  • Together we will make lists of seeming problems and their solutions. We will work through these obstacles to see them as your opportunities.

  • Creating rituals and routines that fuel you with tons of energy and ways to accomplish your goals and create healthy habits.

Digging Deep - Our Purpose

  • Getting clear on your purpose will give you a sense of fulfillment and worth that will go way beyond yourself.

  • You will learn to take bold steps toward your goals and dreams and manifest what you truly desire.

Take Action!

  • Now is the time to take action! You will learn to make moves in your life by integrating all of the practices, new found beliefs, and thought patterns that we will build together.

  • I will hold the space to motivate you to wake up each day and put your best foot forward.

  • Are you ready to create the life of your dreams?!

Reiki Energy Healing

  • The session will begin with giving you basic knowledge on Reiki, it’s meaning and history, and the 7 energy chakras.

  • Reiki is light touch over your body performed by the practitioner to move healing energy, and to calm you.

  • We will start with a grounding guided meditation.

  • You will then be able to pull Angel cards around a question or concern you may be pondering.

  • The main goal of Reiki is to provide healing energy to you, and to calm your thoughts. This is great for anyone who struggles to meditate and relax.

  • Reiki can promote healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually; and enhances inner stillness.