Palmetto Island Silent Retreat
to Oct 13

Palmetto Island Silent Retreat

Silent Retreat Details


  • This entire trip will be done in almost complete silence. We will try to use other ways to speak rather than our voices. There will be multiple group silent meditations, silent canoeing, hiking, exploring, and silent evening ceremonies. Meals will be prepared and cooked by our Chef. Journaling and reading is encouraged. If you make sounds or noises, do not worry. It is inevitable. Just try to gather yourself back to silence. This includes your mind being silent as well. The goal is gently pull yourself out of thoughts - becoming aware of them and bringing yourself back to the present moment. Use nature (the trees, plants, alligators, birds, grass, water, and each other to focus on the here and now.)


  • Arrival 10 am Lafayette, Louisiana then to Palmetto Island.

  • Unpack and have lunch.

  • Evening silent hike followed by dinner.

  • Day two will be full of canoeing and silent explorations.

  • Evening silent ceremony.

  • Day 3 we will have breakfast and a morning group silent meditation.

  • Then we will pack up.

  • Departure 10 am.

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