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Hello there fellow adventurers or browsers or just a fellow humans on this amazingly beautiful planet!

It has been a long while since I’ve written one of these babies for Clarity Excursions’ site, but I am back with fresh new ideas and things to share!

So yes, this is Alexis here, for now. I plan to have others, like you, who probably has an amazing story of adventure or clarity or profound moments to share. For a very long time I have been slowly defining what Clarity means to me… and what Clarity Excursions Collective is going to be all about.

Let’s think about these words and what they all mean for a moment. A collective is about people acting as a group, excursion is all about taking a journey, and clarity is defined (by me) as a more of a feeling. Feeling a sense of stability in knowing exactly who you are and what you would like for your life to look like.

“Let’s do it! Let’s go to the Ozarks’! This weekend!!”


It was a Tuesday evening when two friends and I planned a spontaneous trip to what we knew as “The Ozarks” that following weekend. It was summertime and the days were long and slow, and it had been a very long time since I’d gone camping. This would be the first time EVER that I was going camping outside of Louisiana. We picked a campground, packed up our food and gear, then headed out. We decided that 4 days and 3 nights would suffice and fulfill our “camping crave.” We left at midnight on Saturday night and arrived at 10 am that day.

It was beautiful. It was so magical, and I couldn’t believe how gorgeous this state literally right next to mine was, ad that I had absolutely no idea! It felt like home. So, for those next four days we would discover trails, mountains, magical caves, how to get good at frisbee, how to hunt firewood with ease (ish), how to make delicious meals on a fire for days, and how one single mom could set up an entire luxurious campsite in under 3 hours!

We laughed constantly… silly words and thoughts bursting from our minds and out of our mouths. We made so many memories. We stopped caring about the silly insecurities and flaws we have. We stopped craving the luxuries of everyday life back at home. We had SO MUCH energy. All day. It was insane! We explored endlessly, and we were so loving toward one another.

For those 4 days, I felt like my truest self. I felt like I reconnected with who I am. My bare feet on the ground and my naked body bathing in the Buffalo River. I felt honest. I felt so peaceful. And I felt a huge sense of clarity in my life. A wave of clarity showered over the thoughts of who I am, my purpose here, and what matters most in life.

And that is the story of how Clarity Excursions came to life. From that moment on I was hooked. Why is having clarity so good for me? For all of us? It’s good for our minds which is where all consciousness begins. We all need to have a sense of clarity and purpose in our lives. With that clear-mindedness we feel like we have a sense of direction or a specific path we know to take in our lives. Nature brings out this part of us that is true and reaches the core of who we are. That’s the beauty of nature. It’s not forceful, and it meets you where you are in your life. All you have to do is show up.

So for the last 3 years that’s what we’ve been doing. Showing up and bringing others along with us to remember what it is like to seek adventure, release ourselves from the nagging cellphones, and gain a sense of peace and clarity where we need it most in our lives.

So without further ado, we want to hear YOUR stories of adventure, exploration, peace, clarity, struggle, overcome, failure, success! Whatever it looks like to you.

Email your story @! We look forward to hearing from you and diving into a great tale of adventure.


With love,

Alexis, Founder of Clarity Excursions

Alexis Lemoine