Day 2 - Denpasar, Bali

11:03 PM

This bed feels like all of the perfectly hand picked clouds have been placed beneath me. Oh what a day. I've been up since 8 am and hungry for coffee and food. I wandered around our villa complex hoping Nathan and Farrah would wake up soon. I am so utterly lost here. There are buildings and shops shoulder to shoulder literally EVERYWHERE, and I have no sense of direction in this place. Plus, it's so damn hard to learn it because I'm too focused on the twenty mopeds that zoom all around me. Not to mention the big buses and cars too. I feel like I'm in a video game as I race to catch up with Nathan, the ultimate risk taker, as he zooms and sifts through the tiniest crevice between cars and sidewalks. There are no rules here.

We make it to The Alleyway Cafe earlier this morning and had delicious food and coffee. I had two coffees, a bottle of water, chicken quesadillas, and an order of fries for $7! Amazing. I'm going to have a culture shock when I get back to the states that costs me like $30.

We sat at this cafe for a couple of hours just talking about our lives for the past year and some. Nathan and Farrah told me their story of how they met and fell in love, their travels, and all the chaos that happened in between. Farrah is from Jordan and comes from an Arabic family. I had so many questions and she had so many open answers. My kind of person, and definitely my kind of conversation. 

After the cafe we headed to the immigration office to grab Farrah's extended visa on her passport. I felt like I was in the DMV. We drove from there to the mall which was by far the fastest I've gone on my moped. I was probably going like 65 mph (I couldn't tell beings my speedometer is broken) but it felt like 100 mph. I was going so fast that my helmet was flying backward off my head and the strap wrapped around my neck. I couldn't tighten it while focusing on my driving and the traffic surrounding me so I had to either be choked or hold the strap in my mouth. I chose biting it. 

Now. Let's really talk about the traffic here. It is like being surrounded by a pack of twenty mopeds all shifting lanes and squeezing through tiny cracks of cars with hardly a notice. Horns are constantly beeping for awareness. There might as well not be a single line on the road because these people do not play by those rules. It is exhilarating to say the least. If there is anything in this world that can bring you totally and completely into the present moment... it is Bali traffic. And more-so it is having to follow Nathan in Bali traffic. There is no room for lack of confidence on these roads. I enjoy that notion.

After all the long driving we finally made it to the beach. The first thing I did was get down to my swimsuit, crack open a beer, lay my towel down, and began relaxing. I had a full conversation with this sweet boy from somewhere that I really wish I could have understood him say. He followed us around the beach and up the top of the cliff to watch the sunset that was hidden by clouds, but still breathtaking. This was how I spent my evening.  

Alexis Lemoine