How I Made a Full 2 1/2 Week Trip to Bali on $400

1. I just so happen to be really good friends with a well-versed traveler. He is always looking for the fun and finding the bargain in the fun.

2. Researching places, events, and vlogs/blogs are extremely helpful when traveling, and traveling cheaply at that! 

3. I learned the currency and how much things are usually worth, and used my brain when shopping for food, types of restaurants, and clothes/merch.

4. I bought cheap groceries and took break days in between really fun and exhausting days to swim and walk around and eat the food I have here in my room.

5. I always kept aware of the amount of money remaining, my time left here, and my future expenses before arriving home. 

These are just a few tips of how I spent my money here in Bali. My rooming cost around $250 for the entire time which is a very good price, however, if you're looking for cheaper then there are always hostels, couch surfing, and cheaper airbnbs. 

I've been here for two weeks now and I feel like I have most definitely gotten the full experience and I still have four more days to go with activities filling up the books! Traveling is a lot more affordable than you think, and the living here is much cheaper than the states. Next time you're yearning to take a trip, choose saving your money wisely at home to spend on an experience that is absolutely life changing, might I add, than on expensive clothing and/or food and drinks.

Alexis Lemoine