Day 8 - The Grand Tour Part II

Where are we?? Ok. I'll take it..

Our driver stumbled upon this beautiful botanical, and while it wasn't necessarily where we were planning to go, we said yes to it, because why not? I walked in to find huge beautiful trees, plants, and flowers. There was so much color, life, and what felt like history here. I began picking flowers for my girl back home and pressing them in Farrah's journal. I forgot to bring mine. I thought, "Anne would love this place. She would have a field day picking, looking at, and admiring all of the plant life here." So I decided to enjoy it for her and bring her some little something somethings back. 

As we drove off, our driver began talking about the statues at the botanical and what they mean. He was a little difficult to understand, but then I heard him speaking of karma. He was talking about reincarnation! My ears were wide open at this point. 

"If you did bad in your life before then you will be reborn maybe ugly, blind, deaf, or just have troubles. Karma always come back around with what you do in your life and how you live. There is good karma too. If you do good in your life now or in your past lives then you come back as beautiful, handsome, maybe wealthy, and have a good life."

"That is why you're so handsome," says Nathan.

"Haha, maybe this is why I meet all of you. My good karma," he said.


Ahh.. we made it. So much lush, so many greens, and the loud crashing sound of intense waterfalls. We hiked down this mountain with full excitement!

Canang sari

Canang sari

As we are walking down we see this. It is called Canang sari. I see them all over the place. On people's windshields, in front of houses and shops. Even on mountains near waterfalls. Canang sari is a daily Balinese offering of praise and prayer. It is from the Hindu culture and their way of offering beauty, peace, and purpose. Canang means a small-palm leaf basket as the tray, and sari means essense. Ca means beauitful and nang means purpose. The tray is made of coconut leaves and bamboo. It is sewn together, and the toppings are made like a cake. Choosing colorful flowers of your liking and whatever flowers are at the market. 

As we continue to walk down, this is the first of many waterfalls I see. I know we are in for an amazingly beautiful day.

We made it to this huge waterfall where we saw many people with ropes and gear on making their climb down on the side of the gushing fall and into the waterhole. The water was freezing but many people were daring enough to enter and warm their bodies to the temperature. I saw the cutest and happiest little family of three playing and smiling as the water pulled them all all around this little pool. Then Nathan immediately got in and started jumping and making sure he touched every single part of the matter how dangerous. 

Look at the joy on his face. Pure happiness. He loved it there. We all did, but especially him. He had so much fun and lived it up to the fullest. 

We continued on our hike to see the rest of the mountain and the falls and then, all of the sudden, the sky fell dark and eary and it began raining on us. And raining hard. We still walked and enjoyed the view. I couldn't say much. I was overtaken by the beauty of it all and the fact that people live up here. In these mountains. I saw a man driving his scooter to what must have been his home on this tiny wet walkway with a pack of firewood on the back of his bike. What a simple life.

There were a few organic stands along the way selling bracelets, beverages, and fruit. The cutest little girls would follow you with these baskets and sing Indonesian songs. I had the time of my life here. If I were to go back, I would finish the mountain, stay longer, and talk to the people more. I'm not sure what I want to talk about, or if I even want to speak at all. I just want to experience and learn the culture and feel the peaceful and joyous presence of these genuine islanders.

Alexis Lemoine