Heartbreak is Essential To Living..

No? You don't think so..?

I didn't either, until I've had it happen to me three times in less than a year. Heartbreak comes in many, many forms. It doesn't just happen in romantic relationships. It comes in the form of death, ending friendships, self-destructive patterns, blindness to reality, etc, etc.

So, yes. It is essential to our living and I am here to tell you why:

Past all of the gushing tears, increased heart rate, rage, and confusion... there is a softness, a humbleness if you will, that lies beyond all of the pain. It's a deeply moving softening that speaks loud and clear to all of us. A simple YouTube video of an X-factor performance can touch you so deeply that you're sitting behind the desk in your villa room crying and crying. But it is not just about the tears. It is about the soft feeling that I'm talking about. This soft feeling is peaceful. It is quiet. And it is the acknowledgment of your human existence. This heartbreak is showing you the way to yourself, and I know that sounds so vague but it is so true! The heartbreak, the softening is you finding you again, and being happy about that. It is you looking around and realizing that we are all human and we are all feeling the same fears, brokenness, heartache, and anxiousness. And knowing that, is a gift. It's a treasure to see that you're equal with the rest of humanity!

Yesterday I was riding on the back of the bike for the first time. I got the chance to look around and actually see and observe and smile at the people. We slowly passed this very busy roundabout and as we did I saw this man. He was sitting on the edge of the median in the blazing sun trying with everything he had to grab this bill of money that had been tossed to him. He was physically and mentally limited. It seemed as though someone dropped him off there to fin for himself. He was, for lack of a better word, retarded. His hands could not even grab the money. I silently cried to myself on the back of the bike and thought.."remember this when you are feeling small or low or lacking. Remember this when you need inspiration to do something for this world." I was so upset at myself for not asking to stop the bike, pullover, touch and love this man. All I wanted to do was look him in the face and hug him as tight as I could.

I love that a simple story like this can make me ball as I am writing it. I am crying, hard at this very moment. And I love that because my heart is open. And that softness I feel has a sense of strength and resilience to it.

I know this is a blog post, but I'm putting this out there to all of you... If there are any of you that feel deeply and have a yearning to be of service to others, please contact me. I want to gather a community that comes together to work toward loving the people that need it most. Doing anything and everything that we are capable of to help those in need..no matter how big or small the need may be. Let's join hands and light up the world. 

Alexis Lemoine