The Key To Staying Inspired

I'm sure we can all relate on how difficult is it to keep the inspiration bar on level ten?? We have so many ideas and so many little niches of ours that we want to share, express, and get out into the world! Looking for meaning and purpose can be a fun, yet a trying task while inspiration and motivation may lack a lot of the time we'd hope it wouldn't.

3 simple yet very important steps to beginning your day with inspiration:

  • Tidying up your work space while counting out loud what you're grateful for on your fingers and toes AND/OR taking a current situation(s) that is a stressor and naming 3 reasons why it is a positive to your life and your inner strength/growth.
  • Creating a Spoken and/or written +++(positive) affirmation about yourself and your life and repeating that to yourself as many times as it takes to truly feel it. *(suggestion: 10 times)
  • Sitting down at your work space with some quiet time, your choice of morning beverage, and writing down DETAILED steps to take toward your daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly goals.

And BAM! Just like that, you're ready to begin your day with an attitude that not only calms you, but EMPOWERS you to recognize and acknowledge your inner strength and abilities. We are so much more powerful than we usually give ourselves credit for. So use your power of belief and prove to yourself how truly amazing and expressive you really are.

Alexis Lemoine