Kayla Guidry

“Clarity Excursions was a cleansing retest that made me crave more. More time outside, more time laughing, more interpersonal connection and less technological connection. This retreat was home away from home. It made me extremely aware of the “tick” I’ve developed over the years of constantly checking my cellphone. This realization made me disappointed in myself. These feelings, however, did not last long. The overwhelming positivity and support from the group quickly replaced those feelings with confidence and a certainty that I can be the person that I want to be.”


Casey Foltz

“Taking a trip with Clarity Excursions in 2018 was one of my best decisions that year. Alexis, Marissa, Ben and Maggie made participating exciting and totally painless. All I had to do was pack clothes and a sleeping bag. They had tents, food, travel, activities, hikes, and lodging all figured out. We hiked during the day on beautiful trails and then swam in a crystal clear river bordering sky-high mountain cliffs, before heading back for a delicious dinner cooked over a fire. These trips are the perfect solution for anyone that needs a break to unwind and de-stress, or anyone needing a little extra nature in their lives. Sleeping under the uninhibited glow of stars would help anyone forget their troubles. Personally, being there helped put aside self-doubt and showed me why I should love myself. Going camping and getting outside doesn't have to be hard or off-putting. Clarity Excursions took care of everything. All I had to do was go.”

Alexis Leigh Lemoine

An inspired healer using the power of storytelling and natural adventure to heal herself and the world around her. Alexis is an energy healer, life coach, writer, and conversationalist who founded 'Clarity Excursions' using the forest as a means to create space for community and as an experience rich with food, activity, therapy, and the grit of nature.


Life Coach, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Clarity Excursions

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Clarity Excursions

Clarity Excursions are guided adventure trips designed to bring people together. We recognize the powerful effect nature has on us, and we go out to explore and connect deeper with ourselves and the world around us. Our focus is to pull ourselves out of the “city routine” and step away from technology to recharge, find a sense of peace, and gain clarity in our lives; no matter what we’re going through at the time. Our motto: We Camp to Connect.


Benjamin Koch

“Clarity Excursions was highly personal for me. I felt alive and present! Going into nature automatically makes me feel like I’m at home and the sense of gratitude from everyone comforted me. I laughed, cried, sweat, bled, and enjoyed delicious meals. Throughout this trip I was able to heal past relationships that I held onto tightly, and I felt a huge sense of relief; I felt so much joy. , ”


Jacob Broussard

“Clarity Excursions was an incredible experience that I needed; I was in a stressful place, trying to decide my next move in my career and in my life. I needed that time to laugh and reflect on my goals. I loved being outside and feeling in tuned with nature and with myself.”

Lindsay Broussard

“The work Alexis does is truly amazing. She not only listens with her entire heart, but asks the right questions to pull out some of the more difficult feelings that you might be trying to hide - making the time spent with her that much more valuable. Through our session together, Alexis has become a friend to me and someone I know I can count on if I ever needed a little guidance or support. Her energy is certainly contagious and you will leave a session with her feeling nothing but love!”